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Table 3 Themes and illustrative quotes for the facilitators domaina

From: Process-oriented evaluation of an international faculty development program for Asian developing countries: a qualitative study

Themes Quotes
Teaching methods and utilization of materials Facilitator A facilitated well in the debate section to involve all participants in the debate. Also, the debate followed by a brief summary of the facts based on literature was interesting and helpful. (Fellow B, University, Medicine)
Sometimes I face hardships in following lessons during the class, but it is not critical because we can see what the facilitators want to give through handouts. (Fellow H, MOH, Medicine)
Actually, the facilitator gave those (lecture materials) in advance, but he did not give any instruction. So most of us did not think that we should have read those materials before the class (Fellow E, MOH, Medicine)
Mutual understanding between teacher and learner Facilitators were more impressive when they seemed to well understand our situation of developing countries (Fellow B, University, Medicine)
Even though facilitator B speaks English fluently, sometimes it was not very understandable. In contrast, facilitator C’s English was more clear, short, and easy to understand (Fellow D, University, Nursing)
When we meet a facilitator for the first time, sometimes it is difficult to understand what he/she says. But as we spend more time with him/her throughout the program, we adapt to the teaching style and understand more easily about what the facilitator says (Fellow E, MOH, Medicine)
Collaboration between facilitators They (facilitators) had really good coordination, and complemented each other. Especially during the discussion, two professors worked together to actively facilitate us. (Fellow F, University, Pharmacy)
During fellowship, I learned various styles of facilitating participants while experiencing dozens of facilitators. It would help me a lot in my teaching. (Fellow E, MOH, Medicine)
The quality of contents delivered by facilitator D depended on who was in charge of the translation. When I felt that the interpreter subjectively changed what facilitator D initially meant, it made me less convincing about the contents. (Fellow A, University, Pharmacy)
  1. aFor each quote, the type of affiliated institution and professional background are provided in the parentheses
  2. MOH Ministry of Health