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Table 2 Example of a case constructed with 3 items, with 3 parts for each item in script concordance test

From: Investing in the use of a checklist during differential diagnoses consideration: what’s the trade-off?

Case 1
A 45-year old man complains of chest pain and shortness of breath after a blunt trauma to the chest is brought to the emergency department.
If you were thinking of …and then you were to find …you would then consider this action
−2 completely or almost completely unnecessary
−1 less useful
0 neither more nor less useful
+1 useful
+2 completely or almost completely necessary
Ordering an electrocardiogram (ECG) Lower right-sided chest tenderness on palpation −2 −1 0 +1 +2
Ordering a computed tomography of the brain (CT brain) No history of loss of consciousness −2 −1 0 +1 +2
Ordering an abdominal radiograph Soft and non-tender abdomen on palpation −2 −1 0 +1 +2