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Table 3 Illustrative quotes – advantages of mark inclusion

From: Incorporating patient partner scores into high stakes assessment: an observational study into opinions and attitudes

“Students would be aware that communication skills are highly regarded and are an essential part of any consultation. PPs would be more likely to feel empowered to give a mark which accurately reflects the quality of their experience with each student” PP3, female aged 60-69
“We have some input however small in a candidates attitude towards us and possibly the general public at a later date” PP19, male aged 60-69
“Students generally only value an experience that is assessed! I believe that good communication is an important aspect of being a successful doctor, therefore I think that this aspect should be included in their assessment” PP33, female aged 60-69
“In their careers, the students will have to deal with the public. Patient partners are representatives of the public during an OSCE. Therefore our views are important. Talking to patients could be considered as important as being able to take a pulse, measure blood pressure or interpret an ECG. All these skills are vital for a successful doctor therefore all these skills should be tested in an OSCE” PP46, male aged 60-69