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Table 1 Interview and focus group questions

From: Fellowship training: a qualitative study of scope and purpose across one department of medicine

Interview Questions
 1. Describe the fellowship(s) offered by your division
  Example probes:
   a. What additional skills does the trainee obtain during their fellowship? (Clinical, education, research?) How long is it?
   b. How long has it been in place? Why was it started?
   c. What is working well in your fellowship program?
 2. What are the benefits of offering a fellowship program?
 3. What challenges does your fellowship program face?
  Example probes
   Administrative challenges? Educational/supervision challenges?
 4. What would improve your ability to support a successful fellowship program?
Focus Group Questions
 1. Tell me about your fellowship program
  Example probes
   What are you learning in your program?
   What is working well in your program?
 2. How is your fellowship program preparing you for the next stage in your career?
  Example probes:
   a. What are you expecting to do after this fellowship?
   b. Has/will the fellowship prepare you well for that next step?
 3. What would you improve in your fellowship program?
  1. Note. Probes used for each question varied depending on the flow of and information provided by the participants