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Table 2 Thematic guide for the focus groups

From: Expectations and perceptions of primary healthcare professionals regarding their own continuous education in Catalonia (Spain): a qualitative study

1. - Commencement: Presentation, summarized explanation of the study. Conditions of participation and signed informed consent.
2. - Introductory question: From your own experience, if you had to explain to someone what continuous training was, what would you say?
3. - Opinions regarding the expectations of continuous training.
  a. Discover how the ideal training plan should be formed (criteria, results).
  b. Needs related to continuous training.
  c. Skills to be achieved through continuous training (soft and hard ones) and their relationship to improved health care.
4. - Opinions regarding the use of continuous training.
  d. Discover how to adapt the continuous training plan to ones expectations and needs.
  e. Aspects that encourage and hinder continuous training (timetable, location, quality teaching content, current working context).
5. - Opinions regarding the health system and continuous training.
  f. Drafting the training plan.
  g. The role of the continuous training managers.
  h. Learning methodology.
6. - Proposals for improvement.
7. - Closure: farewell and thanks to the participants.