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Table 2 Summary of student comments on use of social media platforms offered

From: Using social media to support small group learning

Platform Pros Cons
General/all • Technology provides a quick and easy way to get in touch and share documents over the internet from home which is time-saving and convenient.
• Able to update learning outcomes and notes immediately in the case
• Sharing documents gives different perspectives
• Builds relationships within the group and promotes teamwork
• Everyone putting resources in different places
• Tendency to copy and paste and not filter or process information
Facebook • Lots of communication
• Instant/fast
• More likely to check for updates
• Everyone has the app and is on regularly
• Able to easily share links
• Can host documents
• Can quickly get a message out about something
• Sometimes group moves from university-related work to personal
• Hard to organise (no tagging or folders so can’t be structured)
• More difficult to review past information beyond a certain point • Main case page useful
• Posting resources to the group page saves time
• Information is put up quickly
• Resources are all in one place
• Use in sessions to see what has been added; can upload session learning outcomes
• Not everyone in the group understands how to use
• Some group members don’t view the group page
• Can’t (or don’t know how to) scoop some things, eg Word or pdf documents, textbook pages
• Confusing to search
Wiki • Good reference point for the learning outcomes and session notes
• Use in sessions – can see what has been added, scribe can add notes, can project for everyone to see
• Everyone can add and edit – can produce really comprehensive revision notes
• No alert system for updates
• Can be difficult to use