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Table 2 Negative aspects of the online modules identified from thematic analysis of student ePortfolio reflections

From: A model for the use of blended learning in large group teaching sessions

Identified theme Representative student reflection
Alignment with other activities “One aspect I am finding disjointed is the flow between module release, overview, integration lectures, practicals and tutorials. By the time the [integration/feedback session] comes round, it feels like a long time since those modules where done”
Lack of detail “I felt that not all of the modules provided enough information. That is, in order to gain a deeper understanding, I needed to use other resources such as the textbook and various websites”
Flexibility “The only down side to the online modules I found was that the freedom to complete the modules meant that I often left them to the last minute before completing them, to my own detriment.”
Learning environment “I find the university environment to be quite motivating and harmonious with students and the positive learning atmosphere. Yet, with online modules, I find this to be missing.”
Personal interaction “…the downside I have found with these modules is that because it is all online, there is no way to interact with the lecturer and ask them questions if I get stuck on a certain piece of content”
Accessibility “…online modules do require good internet connections, otherwise there are always pop up signs telling you that your internet connection is unstable. This is somewhat disruptive to our learning.”