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Table 8 Examples of added scoring instructions per target

From: Assessment of motivational interviewing: a qualitative study of response process validity, content validity and feasibility of the motivational interviewing target scheme (MITS) in general practice

Target Added scoring instruction
1 Rate the process, not the content to reduce overlap with other targets
2 The behaviour should be used in a functional way. Take non-verbal behaviour into account
3 Rate the quality / functionality of the reflections. Rate other techniques when used in an empathic way
4 Rate the process, not the content
5 Rate the content, not the process
6 The practitioner should reinforce change talk but not sustain talk
7 Rate the process and content
8 Rate the process and content
9 Bad timing of structured brief tactics should be scored at target 1 and 7
10 Not giving information or advice might be seen as a shortcoming in certain consultations and can be rated here