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Table 7 Categories resulting from the answers on the semi-structured questionnaire

From: Assessment of motivational interviewing: a qualitative study of response process validity, content validity and feasibility of the motivational interviewing target scheme (MITS) in general practice

1. Comments related to Response Process evidence: Comments on the score options 2. Comments related to Response Process: Assessment problems in general 3. Comments related to Content evidence
The score option does not provide sufficient guidance Other parts of the consultation (not on behaviour change) have influenced the assessment The description of the target is not clear (e.g. target 3)
How to score missed opportunities Difficult to give very low or high marks The description is expanded and/or complicated
How to score MI-inconsistent behaviour Follow-up consultation (it is not clear what preceded) Targets are overlapping (e.g. target 2 and 4)
How to score the various components in a target when some occur and others not or badly It is easier to assess good consultations It is not clear if the content or the process of the target should be rated or both (e.g. target 4)
How to score when the target behaviour is well done in (most) parts of the consultation and not or poorly in other parts   Target inconsistent behaviour is not described in the target (e.g. target 6)
   The step to the planning phase or follow-up is not mentioned explicitly