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Table 3 Target Score Options of the original MITS

From: Assessment of motivational interviewing: a qualitative study of response process validity, content validity and feasibility of the motivational interviewing target scheme (MITS) in general practice

Score option Description
0 There is no evidence or almost no evidence to support the target definition
Definition no evidence: in no part; to no degree. Synonyms: not any, nothing, not a bit, not a hint.
1 The evidence partly supports the target definition
Definition partly: in part; to some degree. Synonyms: after a fashion, appreciably, at the least, in a manner, in a way, in small part, in some measure, incompletely, partially.
2 The evidence moderately supports the target definition
Definition moderately: to some extent; to a mainly sufficient degree. Synonyms: reasonably well, somewhat, middling, passably, acceptably, nominally, somewhat, tolerably.
3 The evidence substantially supports the target definition
Definition substantially: to a great extent; to a large degree. Synonyms: considerably, more than adequately, amply, largely, mainly, mostly, on the whole.
4 The evidence completely or almost completely supports the target definition
Definition completely: to the highest degree; with everything necessary. Synonyms: to the full or entire extent, wholly, entirely, totally, all, altogether, comprehensively, exhaustively.
Definition almost: for the most part; very nearly all