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Table 2 Categories extracted from included literature

From: Decentralised training for medical students: a scoping review

1. Cadre being educated (undergraduate medical or undergraduate medical plus).
2. Description of facility (community, clinic or district hospital).
3. Location of site (country, town or region).
4. Is the site rural, peri-urban or urban?
5. How much time do students spend at the site?
6. Is reference made to the evaluation process of the intervention?
7. Who/what was evaluated (students, staff or curricula)?
8. Description of the intervention.
9. Aim of the intervention.
10. Critical elements of the process of intervention.
11. Indicators used to measure the success of the programme.
12. Level of success documented for the site.
13. Success factors for establishing a training site.
14. Relevance for establishing a model for training.