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Table 2 Description of online interventions for replication

From: A systematic review and meta-analysis of online versus alternative methods for training licensed health care professionals to deliver clinical interventions

Study Field (target group) Learning topic/objectives Component ingredients and application No. of sessions Learning time Duration available
Theoretical knowledge
 Simonsen 2014 Pharmacology (nurses) Drug dose calculations: a review of the basic theory of the different types of calculations. Interactive tests, hints and suggested solutions, access to a collection of tests with feedback on answers One-off Two days 2-day course
 Worm 2013 Anaesthesiology (nurses) Lung volume curve and cases related to this and pulmonology. Clinical cases, pictures and explanation, and presentation At learners discretion n/r 2 weeks
 Fordis 2005 General practice (medics) To improve knowledge of and behaviour in line with NIH cholesterol management guidelines Video and text, interactive cases with feedback, enabling tools (e.g. risk assessment calculator). Participants could also send questions to faculty members via e-mail. At learners discretion 1.5-2 h 2 weeks
 Hugenholtz 2008 Mental health (occupational therapists) Education on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment related to mental health and work. Videos, cases to solve, multiple choice questions, links to relevant literature One-off session 30 min n/a
 Padalino 2007 Quality tools (nurses) Quality/process improvement PowerPoint presentation One-off session 40 min Any point in a single night shift
Applied Knowledge/Skills
 Beyea 2007 Family medicine (medics) Particle repositioning manoeuvre (PRM) for treating benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Series of slides (text and diagrams) detailing PRM procedure. One-off session 15 min n/a
 Chenkin 2008 Emergency medicine (medics) Ultrasound guided vascular access (UGVA) for insertion of central, intravenous, and arterial lines. Included videos, animations, self-assessment, quizzes, and nonlinear navigation. 2 h practical after online course (no instructors present) One-off session 1 h n/a
 Makinen 2006 Geriatrics (nursing) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation (CPR-D) A case scenario, videos and pictures, links, and questions with feedback. At learners discretion 15-30 min 2 weeks
 Platz 2011 Emergency medicine and surgery (medics) (i) Ultrasound physics and instrumentation, and (ii) extended focused assessment with sonography for trauma. Narrated lectures, text, pictures, video clips, 5-min Q&A One-off session 1 h n/a
Delivery of Complex interventions
 Bello 2005 Anaesthesiology (medics) Traditional tracheal intubation and alternative airway management methods. Text and graphical slides, video demonstrations of each procedure, discussion forum with instructors (3 live sessions) At learners discretion 5 h 36 h
 Dimeff 2008 Mental health (psychologists/counsellors) Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), a complex, multi-modal treatment. The training focused solely on the group skills training component of DBT. Audio and visual material, expert insights, practice exercises, clinical simulations with fictional DBT patients, knowledge checks, printable downloads At learners discretion 20 h 90 days
 Hearty 2013 Orthopaedics (medics) Performing a closed reduction and percutaneous pinning of a paediatric extension-type supracondylar humeral fracture. Fully narrated goal based modules that include multimedia such as diagrams, radiographs, animation, and video clips. Self-evaluation tool. At learners discretion n/r (12 modules) n/r
 Maloney 2011 Falls prevention (allied health mix) Exercise prescription for falls prevention Self-directed reading, formative quizzes, interactive skills-practice with feedback (through uploading digital footage), videos, and reflexive tasks. Also included web based discussions with tutor At learners discretion 7 h 4 weeks
 Sholomskas 2005 Mental health (psychologists/counsellors) CBT for substance-abuse Highly text based, multiple choice tests with feedback, case vignettes with exemplary responses 3 months 20 h duration of trial