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Table 1 Description of included trials

From: A systematic review and meta-analysis of online versus alternative methods for training licensed health care professionals to deliver clinical interventions

Study Clinical topic n Profession Comparison (duration) Outcomesa Risk of Biasb
      KW PS CB SE ST 1 2 3 4 5 H/L
Theoretical knowledge
 Simonsen 2014 Drug dose calculation 183 Nursing (i) workshop (2 days) Y    Y Yc U H H L L H
 Worm 2013 Respiratory physiology and pulmonology 63 Nursing (i) lecture (45 mins) Y      U H H L L H
 Fordis 2005 Cholesterol management 103 Medical physicians (i) lecture (90-120 min) Yc   Y   Yc U H H H L H
 Hugenholtz 2008 Mental health care 74 Occupation health (i) lecture (30 mins) Y      U H L H L H
 Padalino 2007 Quality tools 49 Nursing (i) lecture (120 mins) Y      U H U L L H
Applied Knowledge/Skills
 Beyea 2007 Particle repositioning manoeuvre 25 Medical residents (i) lecture (15 mins)
(ii) workshop (15 mins)
  Y     U H L L H H
 Chenkin 2008 Ultrasound guided vascular access 21 Medical residents and physicians (i) lecture (180 mins) Y Y    Yc U H L L L L
 Makinen 2006 Resuscitation and defibrillation 56 Nursing (i) workshop (240 mins)   Yc     U H L L L L
 Platz 2011 Sonography for trauma 44 Medical (ii) lecture (60 mins) Yc      U H H H U H
Complex interventions
 Bello 2005 Airway management 56 Medical residents (i) lecture (300 mins) Yc Yc    Yc U H L L L L
 Dimeff 2009 Dialectical behaviour therapy 174 Mental health (psychologists/counsellors) (i) manual (n/a)
(ii) workshop (1200 mins)
 Hearty 2013 Closed reduction and percutaneous pinning 28 Medical physicians (i) manual (n/a) Y      U H H L L H
 Maloney 2011 Exercise for falls prevention 135 Allied health (i) workshop (420 mins) Yc   Y   Y L H L H L L
 Sholomskas 2005 Cognitive behavioural therapy 78 Mental health (psychologists/counsellors) (i) manual
(ii) workshop (1380 mins)
Y Yc Y    U H L H L H
  1. aOutcomes are: KW = knowledge, PS = practical skills, CB = clinical behaviour, SE = self-efficacy, and ST = satisfaction. bRisk of Bias items and answers are: 1 = allocation concealment, 2 = blinding of participants, 3 = blinding of outcome assessor, 4 = intention to treat, 5 = loss to follow-up, L = Low risk of bias, H = High risk of bias, U = unclear risk of bias. Coutcome data could not be included in meta-analysis