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Table 1 Overview of activities in workshop 1

From: The potential of a self-assessment tool to identify healthcare professionals’ strengths and areas in need of professional development to aid effective facilitation of group-based, person-centered diabetes education

Method Process
Icebreaking and brainstorming process A written and verbal exercise to stimulate initial reflections on how HCPs currently facilitate group-based, person-centered diabetes education (plenary discussion)
Self-assessing professional skills Brief presentation of the Four Health Education Roles (plenary)
Self-assessing the most skilled and most challenged Health Education Roles. HCPs were asked to merely mark one skilled and one challenged role (Fig. 2) (individual)
Small group discussions followed by plenary discussions To identify how HCPs applied the roles. They were asked to discuss in pairs the roles they had chosen and why. Furthermore, to explain how they managed their strengths and challenges in practice
Cases, discussions in small groups followed by plenary discussions In the perspective of the Four Health Education Roles the HCPs were asked to identify common challenges observed by the researcher in practice
Questionnaire (Additional file 1) Level of experience and postgraduate training
Current use of group-based, person-centered methods
Assess HCPs’ readiness/willingness to incorporate group-based, person-centered methods (individual)