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Annex 2 Testimonies by category

From: Specific entrustable professional activities for undergraduate medical internships: a method compatible with the academic curriculum

Category Students Teachers
3.2.4 Attention of labor I was one of the doctors who made more deliveries but they were only 3. I did not do it alone, I was always helped. HGV/IMSS/GO/28042015
You made the delivery, turned the baby to the pediatrics personnel and were supervised during the episiotomy; but really you were in charge.HGEBC/ISSSTTE/GO/280515
Did you make a delivery? Yes, we made all of them except during the first week. It was to learn. HGZ4 7/IMSS/GO/280415
In the deliveries that took place, the intern learns how to handle it; not the labor and everything it involves, for example administering oxytocin, draw blood from the patient, measure the baby’s heartbeat. We learn how to use and handle oxytocin, to channel patients, basically what labor is in the Obstetric Surgery Unit.HGDFQ/ISSSTE/GO/050515
This must always be supervised by their superiors, residents or attendings. I always tell them “you can examine the patients, you are free to do so, but ask always and if possible have an attending present”. That way we can compare what you say to what I see in the patient’s examination and of course learn to make a delivery adequately which is really important. Here you are working in a more practical way, as the saying goes, practice makes a surgeon. Practice makes you learn things better. You can revise one and ten times the theory, but in practice if you do things right and learn how to do them right then you learn better. So, it is important that the students are supervised either b attendings or residents and thus learn in the best possible way HGZ47/IMSSGYO//130,515
Since there are no residents they make the deliveries. At the beginning, they might feel anxious because they have very little experience, but in the end the truth is that the students make the whole procedure by themselves during their shifts. HGMORELOS/ISSSTE/GYO/130515