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Table 4 “APP MEDAPROC” for Family Medicine

From: Specific entrustable professional activities for undergraduate medical internships: a method compatible with the academic curriculum

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
MF1 Overlooks to ask patient and relatives about risk factors. Hence, is unable to promote primary prevention measures. Forgets to take blood pressure and/or anthropometry (weight, height, waist circumference, etc.) correctly. Identifies isolated components of metabolic syndrome and automatically orders labs. Establishes a therapeutic plan at the request of other members of the health team, forgets the follow up plan. Makes physical exploration without identifying complications and indicates initial treatment following orders from others in the team. Refers patient to next care level at the health team’s command. Identifies both in the patient and relatives some risk factors through the initial interview, but does not promote individual nor community primary prevention measures. Carries out both blood pressure measurement and anthropometry correctly, includes BMI and waist-hip ratio. Suspects metabolic syndrome diagnosis based on the presence of some of its components. Suggests labs and interprets them partially. Suggests therapeutic plan for some components and establishes follow-up plan without considering international standards. Suspects complications during physical examination and suggests initial treatment. Proposes referring patient without considering the current regulatory framework. Identifies risk factors both in the patient and relatives through directed questions and promotes individual and community prevention measures. Takes blood pressure correctly and does complete anthropometry and interprets them. Diagnoses metabolic syndrome based on the presence of all four components (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia and obesity). Requests and interprets labs for an accurate diagnosis. Establishes both a full therapeutic and follow-up plans in compliance with international standards for good control. Makes an early diagnosis and establishes initial treatment of complications. Refers patient opportunely under the current regulatory framework.
Highest- hierarchy resident    
Physician assigned to service    
Rotation coordinator