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Table 1 Interview Guide

From: Specific entrustable professional activities for undergraduate medical internships: a method compatible with the academic curriculum

Service: Gynecology and Obstetrics Area: Obstetric surgery Unit
1.- Which activities does the inter do in the surgery outpatient consult?
2.- Which activities does he perform on his/her own?
3.- Which activities require supervision?
4.- From these activities, which should the intern be able to perform on his own at the end of his outpatient consult rotation, considering they may be of great use during his social service?
Main subjects Activities
1. Labor
2. Physiologic and pathologic puerperium
3. Hemorrhaging during the second half of pregnancy
4. Pregnancy-induced hypertensive disorders
5. Pregnancy and diabetes
6. Premature rupture of membranes and pre-term labor
7. Breastfeeding and reproductive health.
• Clinical history (update or di novo)
• Laborgram (Friedman curve, oxytocics, etc.)
• Medical notes (admission, evolution, postpartum)
• Informed Consent (analgesia, contraceptive method)
• Physical exploration
• Identification of risk factors
• Information to relatives
• Ultrasonic screening
• Full labor care
• Revision, manual or with instruments
• Episiotomy, episiorrhaphy
• Postpartum Exploration
• Management of obstetric complications (uterine eversion, post-partum hemorrhaging, ruptured ectopic)