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Table 2 Fit indices of the CFA models for the Likert items with three and five categories, respectively

From: Evaluation of large-group lectures in medicine – development of the SETMED-L (Student Evaluation of Teaching in MEDical Lectures) questionnaire

Fit Index Likert items with three categories Likert items with five categories
CHISQa 1467.27 9915.54
PVALUEb < 0.001 < 0.001
CFIc 0.97 0.74
TLId 0.96 0.70
RMSEAe 0.08 0.16
RMSEA CI LOWERf 0.06 0.25
RMSEA CI UPPERg 0.07 0.25
  1. Items were treated as ordinal variables
  2. aχ2 Test. b p-value of the χ2 Test. cComparative Fit Index: satisfying values should be >0.96 dTucker-Lewis Index: satisfying values should be >0.96. eRoot Mean Square Error Approximation: satisfying values should be <0.06. flower bound of RMSEA confidence interval. gupper bound of RMSEA confidence interval