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Table 11 Target, Tool and Score values for the course ‘Physiological modeling’

From: Improvement of medical content in the curriculum of biomedical engineering based on assessment of students outcomes

Medical outcomes 1 2 3
‘Target’ 10 30 10
Contribution of final exam to ‘Tools’ 0.5 10.45 2.1
Contribution of final exam to ‘Score’ 0.35 7.03 1.37
‘Tools’ 8 33 9
‘Score’ 6 24 6
  1. Score is actually what the student has achieved in the course activities. The contribution of final exam to ‘Score’ for a particular outcome is the average of all related scores achieved by all students in the previous table. The contribution of the other activities to Score value can be calculated in the same way as implemented for final exam discussed above. The overall value of Score is the sum of contributions from all assessment activities. Note that Score values can be considered as percentages because the overall mark of the course is 100