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Table 2 Resident responses to questions about attending attitudes toward DHR

From: Resident perceptions of the impact of duty hour restrictions on resident-attending interactions: an exploratory study

Survey question: To what extent have you experienced each of these attitudes or statements? Never Sometimes Often
Under duty hours rules, residents may become shift workers regulating their work hours according to the clock instead of their patients’ needs 5a 19 14
When I was training, we worked much longer hours and were better physicians for it 0 15 23
Current resident emphasis on work-life balance isn’t congruent with being a good physician 7 26 5
Exceeding duty hours means that the resident is inefficient or doesn’t use his/her time effectively 1 24 11
  1. aNumber of residents giving each rating – 1 = Never, 2–3 = Sometimes, 4–5 = Often or All the Time
  2. N = 2 did not answer the first three questions. N = 4 did not answer the last question