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Table 2 List of categories and concepts

From: Medical students can teach communication skills – a mixed methods study of cross-year peer tutoring

Category Concept Example of feedback
Benefits of CYPT Role Model By following the tutors’ example, we could understand what we needed to do. (tutee)
  Confortable Learning Environment They were comfortable enough to give us kind advice from our perspective as students. (tutee)
  Effective Feedback They gave us a lot of valuable feedback about what we did, how we performed, and how we could improve. (tutee)
  Practical Advice Based on Clinical Experiences I was impressed by how they taught us by sharing their experience of bedside training with us. (tutee)
  Improvement of Interview Skills Students interviewed in the latter part of the session improved their skills by accepting our advice based on the experiences of the students interviewed in the earlier part. It’s like learning from other people’s mistakes. (tutor)
Reflections of tutees Differences in Competency Between Tutors and Tutees We can reflect on what we need to learn this year by comparing our own experiences with those of the tutors. (tutee)
  Prediction of Tutors’ Reflection I guess that tutors can become confident by comparing themselves with the junior students; by fielding our questions, they may see what they need to improve in their own knowledge. (tutee)
Reflections of tutors Developing Self-confidence I developed confidence through the experience of teaching junior students.(tutor)
  Teaching as Another Opportunity for Learning I felt tutoring to be a second opportunity for me to learn. (tutor)
  Reflecting on Ones’ Attitude as a Learner During this teaching experience, I reflected on what my attitude was like when I was being taught and the fact that I need to be more active in studying. (tutor)
Comparison with faculty Tutors’ Limitation as Teachers I felt that faculty teachers might be better than student tutors in teaching the ideal style and language of medical interviews. (tutee)
  Inner Conflict in the Tutor Before the session I was nervous about whether I would be able to teach junior students. (tutor)
   I felt that we had an advantage over the faculty in teaching in this session because we took it just last year, and understood what tutees wanted to know. (tutor)
  Tutor Training is Essential We would have been in trouble if we hadn’t had any teacher training. (tutor)