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Table 1 Framework for evaluation of the revised Year 6 quality improvement project

From: Is the delivery of a quality improvement education programme in obstetrics and gynaecology for final year medical students feasible and still effective in a shortened time frame?

CIPP components Evaluation questions Data collection method
Context What is the educational need?
What are the impediments to meeting needs?
What expertise, services, or other assets are available?
What relevant opportunities exist?
Student focus groups and individual interviews
Survey questionnaire
Input What are the potential approaches to meeting the identified educational need?
How feasible is each of the identified approaches, given the specific educational context of the need?
Consultative workshop
Telephone interviews
Process How was the programme implemented?
What did participants think about the quality of the process?
Student focus groups
Survey questionnaire
QI presentations and reports
Product What are the positive and negative outcomes of the programme?
What are the implications of programme outcomes?
How effective was the programme?
  1. (Adapted from Frye and Hemmer, 2012) [12]