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Table 3 Examples of convergence between the real-world competency framework, and other frameworks/curricula

From: A real-world approach to Evidence-Based Medicine in general practice: a competency framework derived from a systematic review and Delphi process

Real-world competency aOther frameworks/curricula
Mindfulness in one’s approach towards EBM itself, and to the influences on decision-making. Be aware that beliefs and values, in doctor and patient, influence the interpretation of research results in support of potentially divergent views’ (RACGP, CTRT 1.3).
  Be aware of your own knowledge, limitations, biases and values that influence the way one practices medicine (RACGP, CTRT 4.4).
  Be aware of external influences on your own practice (e.g. pharmaceutical companies, media) and be confident in dealing appropriately with these influences’ (RACGP, CTRT 4.5).
  Ensure you understand the evidence or experience underpinning your own understanding, and be clear when you are stating an opinion based on experience rather than evidence’ (RCGP, EF0.3).
  Acquire the research and academic skills required of a GP that aid decision-making, which include a non-judgemental evidence-based approach to problem solving and recognising how individual bias may affect your interpretation’ (RCGP, 3.1).
  Take into account psycho-social factors, learning disabilities, the vulnerability of patients, and cultural backgrounds when taking an evidence-based approach and apply the findings on both an individual and a population level’ (RCGP, 3.5).
Knowledge of the patient, as the most useful resource in effective communication of evidence. Communicate the evidence for management, diagnosis or screening to patients in a manner that is both understandable to the patient, and is patient centred (RACGP, CTRT 1.1).
  Being aware of how you impart information about evidence so that patients can best understand relevant evidence and be helped in making a decision (RCGP, EF0.1).
  1. a RACGP Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners (UK)