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Table 2 Correlations between the mean scores of examiners with different levels of clinical experience (physiotherapists, licensed doctors without clinical experience, residents in general surgery/orthopaedic surgery, and specialist in general surgery/orthopaedic surgery) for part A and B of the shoulder/knee examinations at different sites (S)

From: Examiner effect on the objective structured clinical exam – a study at five medical schools

  Part A   Part B  
  Correlation (Kendall-Tau-b coefficients) p values Correlation (Kendall-Tau-b coefficients) p values
S1 0.129 0.002 −0.127 0.003
S2 -0.208 <0.001 −0.034 ns
S3 0.15 0.003 - -
S5 0.293 0.001 −0.299 0.001
  1. Differences were considered significant if p < 0.05; “ns” means non-significant. Correlations are expressed as Kendall-Tau-b coefficients