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Table 3 Results of Regression Analysis

From: Medical student changes in self-regulated learning during the transition to the clinical environment

Domain Factors Category Odds Ratio (95% CI) P value
Extrinsic Goal Orientationa
  Gender Male vs Female 4.1 (1.234–13.526) 0.021
First Attachment Critical Care vs Medicine/Surgery 8.7 (1.570–48.543) 0.013
First Attachment Community attachment vs Medicine/Surgery 3.8 (1.052–14.015) 0.042
Metacognitive Self-Regulationb
  Previous clinical experience Experience vs No experience 5.0 (1.123–22.170) 0.035
  1. aNon-significant factors in the model were “entry status” and “previous clinical experience”
  2. bNon-significant factors in the model were “entry status”, “gender” and “first clinical attachment