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Table 3 Estimated variance components for each variable included in the model, stratified by question format (PBQs, SQs, or PBQs and SQs) (n = 40)

From: Reliability and acceptability of six station multiple mini-interviews: past-behavioural versus situational questions in postgraduate medical admission

  Variance components
PBQs and SQs PBQs SQs
Factor: Candidate’s ability 0.361 0.312 0.476
Factor: Rubrics 0.004 0.000 0.000
 Station PBQs 0.241 0.255  
 Station SQs 0.243   0.080
Residual variance 0.266 0.299 0.532
  1. PBQ past behavioural question, SQ situational question