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Table 1 Competencies (domains), sub-domains and question types for the multiple mini-interview stations

From: Reliability and acceptability of six station multiple mini-interviews: past-behavioural versus situational questions in postgraduate medical admission

Station Competency Sub-domain Question format
Station 1 PCPS (IV.A.5.a)a (1)b Managing patient problems (treatment, health promotion) PBQ
   (2)b Performing procedures competently SQ
Station 2 PBLI (IV.A.5.c)a (7)b Using information technology to optimize learning PBQ
   (8)b Participating in the education of others SQ
Station 3 ICS (IV.A.5.d)a (1)b Communicating effectively with patients PBQ
   (3)b Working effectively as a member or leader of a team SQ
Station 4 Pro1 (IV.A.5.e)a (4)b Maintaining accountability to patients, society and the profession PBQ
   (3)b Having respect for patient privacy and autonomy SQ
Station 5 Pro2 (IV.A.5.e)a (2)b Showing responsiveness to patient needs that supersedes self-interest PBQ
   (5)b Showing sensitivity and responsiveness to a diverse patient population SQ
Station 6 SBP (IV.A.5.f)a (6)b Participating in identifying system errors and implementing potential systems solutions PBQ
   (2)b Coordinating patient care within the health care system SQ
  1. aCompetency number in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) common programme requirements [21]
  2. bSub-domain number within the competency in the ACGME common programme requirements [21]
  3. PCPS patient care and procedural skills, PBLI practice-based learning and improvement, ICS interpersonal and communication skills, Pro professionalism, SBP system-based practice, PBQ past behaviour question, SQ situational question