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Table 1 Components and scoring of the Conscientiousness Index (CI). All trainees start with 50 points (in line with other work on CI [14]) this prevents negative scores occurring

From: Relating professionalism and conscientiousness to develop an objective, scalar, proxy measure of professionalism in anaesthetic trainees

Component Notes CI Points
Sickness/absence If the trainee was off sick or absent and did not let department know −10 for each occasion
Audit meeting attendance Percentage of audit meetings the trainee could have attended but missed The percentage was divided by 5 to reduce the weighting of this component on the overall CI score. This value was then deducted from the total CI score
Appraisal documentation Did they submit appraisal documentation within requested timescale? And complete? 0 if all submitted and on time
-5 if not submitted on time or incomplete
-10 if not submitted on time AND incomplete
Short notice requests Requested change in rota or ‘not-on call’ or holiday request less than 6 weeks in advance (School policy states requests should be made more than 6 weeks in advance of any requested change) Sliding scale:
Request made more than 6 weeks in advance; 0 points
5–6 weeks in advance -1
4–5 weeks in advance -2
3–4 weeks in advance -3
2–3 weeks in advance -4
1–2 weeks in advance -5
Less than 1 week in advance -6