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Table 1 Data extracted from programmatic documentation

From: Building capacity in Clinical Epidemiology in Africa: experiences from Masters programmes

Name of Institution
Academic department/Division/School/Unit/Centre within which the programme is situated
Name of programme
Programme coordinator and contact details
Year when programme started
Credit/equivalent value of the programme
Minimum duration of programme
Fulltime or part time
   Admission requirements
   Admission process
   Annual student intake
Structured modules offered
   Names of modules
   Credit value of modules
   Duration of modules
   Objectives of modules
   Type of offering: contacta/online/blendedb
   Assessment methods and frequency
Research projects
  Types of research projects
  Credit/equivalent weight
Overall number of students who successfully completed the programme
Total number of students currently in the programme
  1. aFace: face
  2. bCombination of contact and online