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Fig. 1

From: Predicting medical students who will have difficulty during their clinical training

Fig. 1

Selection, medical training course and study interval. Timeline showing pathways leading to selection into medical school and progress through early and advanced learning courses [unfilled arrows]. Vertical arrows refer to end-of-run and end-of-year assessments; bold arrows refer to major examinations for selection and end-of-5th year “finals”. GPA = grade point average, UMAT = Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test, OSCE = Objective Structured Clinical Examination, written = multi-choice and short answer examinations, HSFY = Health Sciences First Year, Other graduate refers to students with allied-health degrees. International refers to full-fee-paying students from overseas. Other graduates, Maori and Pacific students, and International students are exempt from the standard GPA- UMAT selection process

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