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Table 3 Post course questionnaire 6-graded Likert like scale n = 56

From: Medical students’ situational motivation to participate in simulation based team training is predicted by attitudes to patient safety

Questions Mean score
To what extent have you fulfilled the intended learning outcome of the course? 5.2
To what extent did the course build upon your previous knowledge? 5.3
To what extent was the course design appropriate to help you fulfil the learning goals? 5.5
To what extent was the technology (simulator, video) a help to fulfil the goals? 5.6
To what extent did the tutors support your learning? 5.7
To what extent did the course help you reflect on professional attitude? 5.4
To what extent will you have use of what you learned in your future career? 5.6
Which is your overall judgement of the course? 5.8
Would you recommend the course to a fellow student? 6.0
How long do you think this course should be? (hours) 16.6
How often do you think you it would be good for you to participate in SBTT in your future career? (times per year) 3.3