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Table 2 The comparison of the evaluation of radiographers’ competences

From: Assessment of radiographers’ competences from the perspectives of radiographers and radiologists: a cross-sectional survey in Lithuania

Radiographers’ competences Radiographers Radiologists
  Median (min-max; mean)
A. Competences related to ”Nurse-initiated care”a
 Mean evaluation 9.0 (5.5-10.0; 8.86) 8.05 (3.7-10.0; 7.93)
B. Competences related to “Technical and radiographic processes”a
 Mean evaluation 9.0 (2.5-10.0; 8.82) 8.10 (3.5-10.0; 7.93)
  1. aThe Mann Whitney test. The evaluations of all attributes differed statistically significantly (p < 0.001)