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Table 2 Themes on the rapid scale-up of medical students at Addis Ababa University

From: Student and faculty perceptions on the rapid scale-up of medical students in Ethiopia




Perceived quality of medical education

Factors that influence the ability to learn or teach medicine.

“So, when the number increased, obviously, the quality of education is influenced, because when, you see, our lives, we are too many in the lab room…the students are too many or there is a scarcity of labs microscopes.” (Student)

Need for infrastructure improvement

Describes essential resources to enhance the quality of medical education.

“We don’t have that much good facility…the library is very small, is really embarrassing to see it.” (Student)

Satisfaction with medical education

Contentment with the learning environment at AAU.

“I guess it’s very good, you know, because, you know, when I see my seniors…the senior doctors — senior students, you know, I actually respect [them] because…they know a lot and they try to help people a lot.” (Student)

Initiatives implemented by MEPI-E

Initiatives by MEPI-E that addressed the quality of medical education.

“What it [MEPI-E] has done so far is supporting the school in resources… like textbooks, the computers, and also, uh, supporting its research program.” (Intern)