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Table 1 Various types of physical simulation settings

From: Design of simulation-based medical education and advantages and disadvantages of in situ simulation versus off-site simulation

Type of physical simulation settings Description
Off-site simulation in simulation centre Conducted and placed away from the actual patient care unit; simulation-centres range from publically financed centres at hospitals and universities to simulation centres that are detached facilities funded by sponsors and user payment
Off-site simulation in-house in department Conducted in training room(s) specifically set up for simulation training away from the clinical setting, but within the hospital in-house training facilities can be part of hospital departments and resemble to some extent simulation centres however often have fewer technical devices, e.g. permanent audio-visual recording equipment
In situ simulation A blend of simulation and real working environments designed to provide training where people actually work, but ISS can also focus more on individual skills
 In situ simulation announced  The staff is informed about the simulation event
 In situ simulation unannounced  The involved staff do not have prior knowledge of the event; Can also be termed as a drill