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Table 1 The Characteristics of the combined creativity framework

From: Reflective practice and its role in facilitating creative responses to dilemmas within clinical communication - a qualitative analysis

4 p’s Characteristics
Product A product is creative, when it is “new” and useful”
Problem finding: recognizing that a problem exists, finding gaps, inconsistencies, or flaws
Preparatory phase: gathering and reactivating relevant information
Divergent thinking: broad attention, or associative thinking: generating alternative ideas
Ideas churn around below the threshold of consciousness
Aha moment, insight occurs, often not one single moment
Convergent thinking: Evaluating, refining, and developing one’s idea
Person Willingness to overcome obstacles and perseverance, willingness to tolerate ambiguity, openness towards experiences and complexity, self-efficacy and increased motivation.
Place (creativity fostering environments) Presence of challenge and autonomy, social interaction and support