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Table 3 Themes from free text field of questionnaire

From: Genital examination training: assessing the effectiveness of an integrated female and male teaching programme

Pre teaching programme themes Post teaching programme themes
Lack of exposure to male examination  ▪ no opportunities to examine males during O&G module  ▪ Male genital examination - > non-existent  ▪ O&G was adequate for female genital exam preparations, however we have had no exposure to male examinations  ▪ Have not had any structured teaching in male genital examination  ▪ Haven’t really done any teaching/learning on males  ▪ More or less non-existent teaching or experience on genital examination to date Opportunistic exposure only  ▪ Some minimal incidental exposure in clinical practice  ▪ Only have female experience due to [undertaking a] summer studentship  ▪ Previous experience with female genital examination was observing during pap smear on two General Practice occasions  ▪ Observed one or two in 4th year Limited or no exposure  ▪ A topic that has not been addressed previously  ▪ One lecture in Paeds, but I never got to see or do  ▪ No previous learning  ▪ Practice on model in 3rd year Have not done any, so most of this in non-existent  ▪ We just had a dummy vagina in MED3 to learn speculum and bimanual exam. A total of 3 h max Positive Experience with suggestions for minor change  ▪ I enjoyed it!  ▪ Very valuable.  ▪ It is a good addition and should be continued  ▪ Fantastic module  ▪ Scary, but helpful  ▪ Specific advice around technique adjustment was really useful!  ▪ Invaluable learning opportunity. Very helpful tutors and empathetic actors.  ▪ This was easily the best part of the Module. Very valuable. The pre-exam video for males is poor and should be replaced.  ▪ Would be good to have a range of ages and subjects and more exposure More instruction/demonstration required prior to having to do examination  ▪ It was good although I would’ve liked to be able to see the genital exam performed and explained before having to do it ourselves.  ▪ A bit more formal instruction before exam would have helped. Quality of experience dependent on tutor  ▪ Dr X was absolutely fantastic as a tutor  ▪ Dr Y was rude to both me and the teaching associate. I felt this was inappropriate and unconstructive.