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Table 1 Standardised student evaluation form questions

From: Genital examination training: assessing the effectiveness of an integrated female and male teaching programme

Pre-teaching Programme Questions
1. The adequacy of education to support your learning about genital examination?
2. The adequacy of educational materials (i.e. books, videos, access to internet and so forth) to support your learning about genital examination
3. The quality of dedicated instruction you have been given in relation to genital examination
4. The level of preparedness to complete genital examinations
5. The opportunities to observe genital examinations to date
6. The opportunities to participate in genital examinations to date
7. The supervision by clinicians involved in genital examination whilst in previous clinical practice runs
8. The level of feedback received on your genital examinations to date
9. Your skill level with genital examinationa
10. Your confidence to complete genital examinationsa
11. Your comfort with completing genital examinationsa
Please include any additional comments relating to your previous learning and experience with genital examinationsb
  1. aAsked to rate male and female examinations separately
  2. bFree text