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Table 5 Two level difference between the sanctions approved by faculty and students in the recommended sanctions for 12 lapses (35 % of the total)

From: Your professionalism is not my professionalism: congruence and variance in the views of medical students and faculty about professionalism

S No Survey statement Faculty Students Chi-Square
1 Exchanging information about an exam before it has been taken (e.g. OSCE) 3 1 60.00 (0.050)
2 Altering or manipulating data (e.g. Adjusting data to obtain a significant result) 6 4
3 Attempting to use personal relationships, bribes or threats to gain academic advantages by getting advance copies of exam papers or passing exam by such pressures on staff 7 5
4 Completing work for another student 5 3
5 Providing illegal drugs to fellow students 9 7
6 Resubmitting work previously submitted for a separate assignment or degree 5 3
7 Plagiarizing work from a fellow student or publications/internet 6 4
8 Falsifying references or grades on curriculum vitae or altering grades in the official record 7 5
9 Involvement in pedophilic activities - possession/viewing of child pornography images or molesting children 9 7
10 Joking or speaking disrespectfully about bodies/body parts 4 2
11 Inappropriate representation of Medicine in social media by posting photos/videos/texts about class or clinic activities 4 2
12 Posting inappropriate material about fellow students, teachers or patients on social media 6 4
  1. The overall difference between faculty and students was highly statistically significant (p < 0.050)