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Table 4 Recommended responses by median to 34 lapses in poly-professionalism in undergraduate students by faculty and medical students

From: Your professionalism is not my professionalism: congruence and variance in the views of medical students and faculty about professionalism

S No Survey statement Faculty Students
1 Getting or giving help for course work against a teacher’s rules (e.g. Lending work to another student to look at) 2 3
2 Removing an assigned reference from a shelf in the library in order to prevent other students from gaining access to the information in it 4 4
3 Signing attendance sheets for absent friends, or asking classmates to sign attendance sheets for you in labs or lectures 3.5 2
4 Drinking alcohol over lunch and interviewing a patient in the afternoon 6 6
5 Exchanging information about an exam before it has been taken (e.g. OSCE) 3 1
6 Forging a healthcare worker’s signature on a piece of work, patient chart, grade sheet or attendance form 6 5
7 Claiming collaborative work as one’s individual effort 5 4
8 Altering or manipulating data (e.g. Adjusting data to obtain a significant result) 6 4
9 Failure to follow proper infection control procedures 4.5 4
10 Threatening or verbally abusing a university employee or fellow student 5.5 5
11 Attempting to use personal relationships, bribes or threats to gain academic advantages by getting advance copies of exam papers or passing exam by such pressures on staff 7 5
12 Engaging in substance misuse (e.g. Drugs) 6 5
13 Completing work for another student 5 3
14 Intentionally falsifying results or treatment records in order to disguise mistakes 5 5
15 Physically assaulting a university employee or student 6.5 5
16 Purchasing work from a fellow student or internet, etc. supplier 5 4
17 Lack of punctuality for classes 3 2
18 Providing illegal drugs to fellow students 9 7
19 Not doing the part assigned in group work 4 3
20 Examining patients without knowledge or consent of supervising clinician 4 3
21 Sabotaging another student’s work 5 5
22 Inventing extraneous circumstances to delay sitting an exam 4 3
23 Sexually harassing a university employee or fellow student 8 7
24 Resubmitting work previously submitted for a separate assignment or degree 5 3
25 Plagiarizing work from a fellow student or publications/internet 6 4
26 Cheating in an exam by e.g. copying from neighbour, taking in crib material or using mobile phone or getting someone else to sit for you 6 5
27 Cutting and pasting or paraphrasing material without acknowledging the source 4 3
28 Damaging public property, e.g. scribbling on desks or chairs 4 4
29 Falsifying references or grades on curriculum vitae or altering grades in the official record 7 5
30 Involvement in pedophilic activities - possession/viewing of child pornography images or molesting children 9 7
31 Photographing dissection or pro-section or cadaver materials 2.5 3
32 Joking or speaking disrespectfully about bodies/body parts 4 2
33 Inappropriate representation of Medicine in social media by posting photos/videos/texts about class or clinic activities 4 2
34 Posting inappropriate material about fellow students, teachers or patients on social media 6 4