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Table 1 Illustration of the coding procedure from condensed meaning units to themes

From: Experiences of the gender climate in clinical training – a focus group study among Swedish medical students

Condensed meaning units Codes Sub-themes Themes
To win confidence, I act like “one of the guys” or use my charm Acting like one of the guys
Using my charm
Taking part in the jargon Manoeuvring to manage
I try to be ugly to avoid harassment Adapting appearance Adapting themselves  
Weird atmosphere when I kept distant Kept away Avoiding  
My supervisor said to the patient: “I have a young, pretty girl here, it’s okay if she tags along, right”? Comments on appearance Compliments and comments Facing compliments, comments, and jargon
The head physician continuously made derogatory jokes about women Doctors making derogatory jokes about women Tough jargon  
I had to give him a certain kind of attention Demands for a certain attention Sexual innuendos and invitations