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Table 1 The contents and schedule of the disaster medicine course

From: Evaluation of a new community-based curriculum in disaster medicine for undergraduates

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
09:00—10.30 - Course presentation
- Student and faculty presentation
- Pre-test
Hazard identification and risk assessment
Case study
Discussion of Jeddah flood 2009
Medical aspects of different disasters
Lecture & GD
Prehospital disaster management
Familiarization & hospital disaster preparation
11:00—12:30 Lecture
Introduction to disaster management
Using available tools to assess risks to Jazan
Lecture & GD
International humanitarian law Ethics in disasters
Mass casualty triage
Prehospital and hospital disaster response
13:30—15:00 Lecture
Differences between emergency and disaster medicine, and humanitarian health
Lecture, EL, GD
Strategies for preventing and mitigating risks to self and to others
Novara University Hospital
Lecture & GD
Command and control and the incident command system
-After action review
-Debriefing of the first week
15:30—17:00 Video lecture
The emergency medical systems used in Jazan
Lecture, SDE, GD
General concepts of adult teaching
Novara EMS dispatch center
Disaster scene management
  Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
09:00—10.30 Video lectures
- Impact & principle of community participation
- Tools for community awareness & public education
Lectures & GD
Top ten priorities & public health assessment during humanitarian emergencies
Lecture & RP
Techniques to handle psychological reactions caused by disasters
Infectious diseases in emergencies
International coordination for disaster response
11:00—12:30 Lecture & 3 mock exercises
Community education for environmental mitigation measures
Lectures & CS
-Humanitarian standards in context: The Sphere Project
-Community education for public health surveillance
Preparation of the pilot session for community education
Material preparation
Group 1 simulation of a pilot session for community education
Presentation & feedback
Discussion of the group pilot session
13:30—15:00 Lecture
Community awareness: Role of volunteers
Preparation of the pilot session for community education
Video lecture
The role of Ministry of Health & Red Crescent during population displacement in Jazan
Lake Lago Maggiore
Material preparation
Group 2 simulation of a pilot session for community education
-Debriefing & farewell
15:30—17:00 Visit
Advanced medical post
   Material preparation
Group 3 as above
  1. L lecture, VL video lecture, GD group discussion, WS workshop, RP role-play, ME mock EL experiential learning, SDE self-diagnostic exercise, ISEE Interactive Simulation for Emergencies (, EMS Emergency Medical Service, XVR virtual reality training software for education, training and assessment of incident response safety professionals (, MOH Ministry of Health, Sphere Project