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Table 1 Examples of questions containing a misconception

From: Uncovering students’ misconceptions by assessment of their written questions

Student’s question Pathologist’s comment
Can cancer form leukaemia as a metastasis? Leukaemia is a form of cancer that is not formed from a solid tumour. Since leukaemia is, in itself, already diffusely spread, the term ‘metastasis’ is inappropriate.
How does an HPV virus implement its RNA in the cell’s nucleus? HPV is a DNA virus. Its DNA may be inserted in the cell’s DNA. With RNA as such, this is impossible.
How do benign lesions of the uterine cervix influence tumour suppressor genes? In benign lesions, tumour suppressor genes function in the normal cell cycle by regulating cell growth and differentiation. Cells cannot influence these genes to become abnormal.