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Table 1 Characteristics of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Villains’ among medical role models

From: The Heroic and the Villainous: a qualitative study characterising the role models that shaped senior doctors’ professional identity

Hero (enables and promotes learning) Villain (inhibits and prevents learning)
Shows and deals appropriately with emotion Not able to deal with emotion – especially when bad things happen
Helpful Bombastic
Supportive Arrogant
Makes you reflect on own values Dismissive of concerns
Good communicator Hierarchical
Listens Doesn’t listen
Able to interact with people Elitist
Has high expectations Directive
Flexible Rigid / Inflexible
Gives praise (when due) Intimidating
Good fun Autocratic
Challenging (extends you) Judgmental
Appreciates effort Sexist
Gives autonomy in stages Bullying
Left field – or not afraid to be individual Unreasonable
Social (Can be) highly skilled/knowledgeable
Highly skilled / knowledgeable/competent  
Respected and respectful