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Table 1 Means and standard deviations for items in section 1 of the Student Questionnaire (n = 130) University of Dundee

From: The effects of an enhanced simulation programme on medical students’ confidence responding to clinical deterioration

The RADAR Sessions: Mean Score (1–5) Standard Deviation
Had clear learning outcomes 4.36 0.73
Kept me actively involved 4.68 0.59
Were relevant to my learning needs 4.67 0.58
Were appropriate for my level of experience 4.60 0.64
Were challenging without being threatening 4.58 0.71
Helped me to integrate theory and practice 4.64 0.59
Stimulated my interest 4.70 0.56
Encouraged me to think through a clinical problem myself 4.60 0.64
Provided me with effective feedback 4.44 0.64
Increased my readiness to use what I have learned in the clinical setting 4.46 0.71