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Table 10 Exemplary statements from the follow-up survey (subgroup in brackets). Statements were translated from German into English

From: Self-directed learning can outperform direct instruction in the course of a modern German medical curriculum - results of a mixed methods trial

Positive statements Negative statements
Instructor quality:
“I was very happy with my seminar, the instructor was one of the best I’ve had so far, so I learned a lot.”
“I really liked the lecture by the professor.”
“The e-learning module was excellent and I wished more subjects would be taught in this way.”
“Using the catalogue of learning objectives helps me to focus on the important aspects of the matter.”
Personal reflection:
“It was useful to find out what learning style you have, I would have preferred to know it before the study.”
“I think the project is useful and important.”
“The study was well organised.”
“I really liked the uncomplicated planning and execution of the experiment.”
Environment and timing:
“The study was conducted too late in the day, I could not concentrate any more.”
“You cannot learn all the names of the antidiabetics within this short amount of time.”
“The room was too small and the air quality was low.”
“It was too noisy to focus on your materials.”
“Because of the questions of the pre-test, I focused more on these aspects so this could distort the results.”
“I could answer a lot of the questions beforehand, so I did not notice a lot of improvement.”
“I did not like the random assignment to a subgroup, because the topic is very important and the assigned group is not my personal preference.”