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Table 1 Means of standardisation between the study branches

From: Self-directed learning can outperform direct instruction in the course of a modern German medical curriculum - results of a mixed methods trial

  E-learning Lecture Seminars Self-instructed learning
Exams Multiple choice exams, pre-test and post-test Identical Identical Identical
Curriculum and learning objectives Catalog of 40 learning objectives Identical Identical Identical
Instructor guidelines Strict instructions and preparation materials Identical Identical Identical
Subgrouping Four groups of 12–15 students One group of students Four groups of 12–15 students Four groups of 12–15 students
Images, texts and animations Provided on-line, exact same content Provided embedded into presentation Provided embedded into presentation Not provided
Total time 180 min 180 min 180 min 180 min
Patient case assignments Completed online Completed in discussion within lecture Completed in small groups, then discussed Not provided