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Table 3 Disease information disclosure and breaking bad news

From: Chinese oncologists’ knowledge, attitudes and practice towards palliative care and end of life issues

Q10-Q12 itemsa Number Percent
Q10. Do you believe that you should inform patients of an unfavorable prognosis?
Yes 26 18.8
No 2 1.4
It depends on patients’ wishes 29 21.0
It depends on family/caregivers’ wishes 20 14.5
It depends on situationsb 61 44.2
Q11. Who should disclose information to patients?
Doctor in charge 102 73.9
Family/Caregivers 30 21.7
Social volunteers 3 2.2
Others 3 2.2
Q12. Which person would you prefer to inform about the diagnosis and prognosis?
Patients 11 8.0
Family/Caregivers 55 39.9
It depends on patients’ wishes 34 24.6
It depends on family/caregivers wishes 38 27.5
  1. aQ10-Q12,Respondents could select only one answer
  2. bIt depends on the situation meant to decide on a case-by-case basis by considering the physical and psychological conditions, religion, and the cultural background of each individual