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Table 1 Three phases of collaborative analysis of video-recorded debriefings

From: Debriefing practices in interprofessional simulation with students: a sociomaterial perspective

Phase 1–3 of the analysis Purpose Analysis activities Questions Results
1. Comparison of multiple perspectives within a single video-recording Developing collectively enriched and shared understanding of the sequence of activities Merging individual field notes, reaching consensus on interpretations of fragments How is debriefing of interprofessional collaboration enacted? Focus and process for phase 2 determined
Structural features for comparing video recordings formulated (openings, interaction, closings)
How are different professional knowings made relevant in the debriefing?
2. Comparison between different video recordings of the same scenario Developing a shared understanding of the patterns across the data Comparing openings, interconnections between human and non-human actors, and closings. How is the sequence of activities in the debriefing enacted? Transcripts of selected segments.
Provisional relational interpretations of the patterns of debriefing as a focus for phase 3 (structure /lack of structure)
How are socio-material arrangements related to sayings and doings in the debriefing?
3. Comparison between video recordings of different scenarios Enlarging and enriching the basis for interpretation. Refining provisional interpretations against wider data How is debriefing of interprofessional collaboration enacted across scenarios? Relational patterns across all data, debriefing as algorithm or laissez faire
Identifying variation