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Table 3 Seven themes in priority order

From: Professional learning needs in using video calls identified through workshops

Priority order Mean The seven learning need themes Number of learning needs
1 3.26 Confidence and technical ability in using video calls. 10
2 3.17 Being aware of how video calls fit into clinical practice. 10
3 3.00 Managing video calls. 12
4 2.78 Communication skills on ‘camera’. 9
5 2.74 Understanding how patients and families may be affected by video call use. 3
6 2.61 Presenting video calls as an option to patients and families and assess their readiness. 4
7 2.48 ‘Normal’ professional skills that become essential for effective video calls. 11
  1. Note: Seven themes shown in priority order (1 equals the greatest need), under which the 59 learning needs were grouped, showing the number of learning needs for each and the mean score used to determine the priority order. The 59 learning needs are presented in full in the Additional file 3