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Table 1 Participants in the workshops

From: Professional learning needs in using video calls identified through workshops

103 healthcare professionals that participated in the face-to-face workshops
Clinical commissioning group (4) General practitioners (3)
District nurses (9) Paramedics (2)
Community matrons (4) Out-of-hours doctors (1)
Long term conditions matrons (1) Community pharmacists (5)
Care home staff (6) Occupational therapists (4)
Social care staff (3) Physiotherapists (1)
Nursing agencies (2) Speech and language therapists (3)
Community palliative care nurses (13) Dieticians (1)
Communication skills/education Leads (5) Chaplains (3)
Hospice social workers (3) Healthwatch (patient participation groups) (2)
Hospice doctors (4) Other healthcare professionals who expressed interest including medical and nursing students (17)
Hospice directors of care (2)
Palliative care discharge team (1)  
Acute hospital staff (4)  
13 bereaved volunteers took part in the face-to-face workshops
21 participants took part in the online workshop
Total participants in workshops 137